How Does Your Bird Garden Grow?

Whether you live in a tower block or a country estate, there's a high chance that you enjoy seeing birds outside of your window. Living so close to nature is great but for the majority even better when separated by a brick wall and a glass window.

If you have children then it gives you additional reasons to add bird tables or feeders to your garden or apartment balcony for educational purposes, otherwise you don't really need an excuse. Adults, of all ages from those in their twenties to senior citizens all enjoy the company of birds in the summer months and taking care of them in the winter.

Winter especially so. Birds can get through this cold period but it is a struggle unless they are of the migrating kind. When the ground hardens and the snow sits deep, it is very difficult for birds to scavenge the shrubbery and soil for food they are used to.

So if we humans can help them out a little, there will be several more come spring and with young in tow too. There are almost 600 species of birds in the UK, some more common than others, with several more on the danger list and very rare. Anything you can do as a home owner to help keep populations healthy while enjoying the bird's company is appreciated.

There are several ways you can grow you Bird Garden so that you attract more varieties of birds, as well as let them know they can rely on you in future Wintry periods for food and even water - as that ices over.

Install a bird feeder and watch the local birds flock to your garden over time. Amuse yourself as the different species take it in turns to feed, knowing full well which to upset and which not too. Ensure you keep it out of reach of cats, as that's just a tease and wash it often as birds can transfer disease amongst one another via the bird feeder.

Set up a bird house or nesting box. Come spring, love will start dancing in the air and your birds will begin making a nest. If you can put up with the constant tweeting when the young arrive, then install a nesting box and make life easier on the little ones. If you have children this is great for school studies also.

A bird house stood upright in the centre or a part of your garden will also attract a wide variety of bird species, not least that it is an object to stand on. But with a little food and water you can expect to see several bird species within the first month.