The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is a charity in the UK which seeks to look after the environment of all birds and their welfare. The organisation began its interest in protecting birds back in 1889. This was a time when the advocacy of animal fur and feathers as plumes was at its height, though not all agreed with the barbaric nature in animal trading.

The society gained Royal status in 1904 and has been well received ever since. It is one of the few early organisations to be set up by a female only group, with very limited following of men until after its inception. So it really was a case of birds looking after birds.

The RSPB is a living beast which reflects the interest of the nation. As a charity it needs a constant revenue stream to keep their staff employed and to take part in law suits against businesses affecting the plight of birds, as well as train and educate the wider public either in schools or at interest groups.

Their popularity is mainly due to the success of its volunteers. For every one person employed there are at least nine volunteers. Alongside which, operate up to 300 individual groups countrywide which have an avid interest in birds and seek to help keep them safe and make others aware of their natural habitat. The RSPB also operate or have interest in over 200 natural reserves across the UK, from which the majority of rare bird species reside and are protected on an ongoing basis to ensure they keep their populations up and in safe numbers.

For all the good work they do, they operate on limited funding. Take into account the nationwide response and reactionary force when required to be public facing. When dealing with incidents as requested by members of the public and emergency services, they only actually receive around £100 million pounds a year.

People can volunteer their services and time to the Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds, or they can simply offer a sponsorship or donate either by calling or on the internet. A great way to support the RSPB is by buying a gift membership and presenting it to a friend, child or loved one. The RSPB Gift Membership includes a variety of goodies from quarterly magazines and free access to over 100 nature reserves across the country. Which is definitely an extra special gift for a child or adult interested in wildlife.